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Click User Joomla to open Easysocial Profile in Fabrik

Now I am using Fabrik and EasySocial.
enter image description here

Here is the table of Fabrik and the Label name "ADDED BY" is user name from Joomla User.
When I click on user name, it take me to edit the record. And I don’t want like this way. What I want when someone click user name, the link will open User Profile of EasySocial that is I want.

When someone click user name "SOK SAVRY", the link open his profile.

When someone click user name "Khan Vannara", the link open her profile.

I asked the Fabrik about this and they just told me (You can add a custom link to your "Added by" element (List view settings/List settings)

And it is my problem because I don’t know about the custom link of EasySocial component.
someone can help me in here..
thank you!

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