Checkpoint system – 1.15 [closed]

been trying to build one of these. 1.12 Checkpoint System Tried that one, but it didn’t work, the commands were outdated and not working for me. NO ERROR MESSAGES, just not working at all. (I converted them to 1.15 but still. nothing). Tried this one next How can I make this checkpoint system work in multiplayer? Minecraft 1.9, still no functionality, that one I tried, I did not understand how it should be done at all. I need to make a checkpoint system, the carrot on a stick was a good idea. So if anybody knows how to make it work. (So for ex. Player 1 right-clicks the carrot on a stick and it teleports him to a checkpoint. If he makes it to the next CP it makes a new armor stand and destroys the old one. Can provide more info if needed. And one more thing, it’s a multiplayer map). Thanks. I ran them in order as they were listed on the website.

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