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[ Cell Phones & Plans ] Open Question : IPhone 8 History erase related question?

I am trying to erase my history im my iPhone 8 APP purchases but i barely know what im doing.

Some of the APPS i clicked into 1 area of my phone i thought did that but when i went to account settings the trace of the APP i was trying to erase the history of was still there though.

So how do i completely erase APP purchase history (even for free APPS) on iPhone 8? I thought it would be as simple as messing around with various setting and toying with stuff on it until i eventually figured it out. I mean i really want to do this myself and save the time of calling someone if i can.

Does anyone know why my iPhone 8 is not well how can i put this… not erasing what i need it to.

Did i do something wrong with it somehow or try to erase the APP history i want gone incorrectly?

Any idea? Also is this something i can even fix myself?

If so please tell me as much as you can (my message to whoever else answers this post).

Or is this an issue only tech support can fix due to the nature of the issue?

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