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how to begin to learn job oriented courses like digital marketing, web designing, web development & android?

Any one looking complete professional course plus certifications in Digital Marketing Training, App Development Training, Web Designing Training, Web Development Training, Full Stack Development Training, Automation Testing Training, Excel Training, Tally Training, Basic Computers, BPO & Call Center Training, Skill Development Training, All programming language Trainings like: c, c++, java, python, php, etc.., can contact: […]

Designer gave me design for Magento web-store?

I consulted designers for Magento web store design , Now What to do next They have given me design for my Web store How can I implement that on Magento ? Need to purchase theme or do custom theme development??

Learning web design [closed]

I have completed all the responsive web design challenges and projects on freeCodeCamp, it sucked up a lot of my time, I found them extremely basic and easy to understand, however I am not satisfied with moving on to basic javascript because I still don’t know anything about simple web design. When I view the […]

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is it impossible aws dynamodb design with low-cost with normal website(bbs, blog, press…)?

The thing what i want do: I’m thinking about use aws dynamodb as my new web site(press and bbs mixed type) main server. But I can’t design database, because dynamodb maybe cannot satisfy my requirements. Somebody knows how can i do? Foundation My boss’s plan is spawning many websites and close it several days after […]

Web designing And Development

I want to grow up my web designing, web developmemt and android development career. I have learn html,css,js, and c# for further pl guide me.


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My WordPress website and phpMyAdmin are not able to connect to MySQL

Here is my problem: my WordPress website and phpMyAdmin cannot access MySQL. I am using Centos 7 and MySQK 8.0.18 for Linux on x86_64 (MySQL Community Server – GPL). I tried so much stuff and I don’t know what is wrong. Background of what I’ve already tried -I have another website that is made out […]

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Design of large scale websocket system holding TCP connections

Say you have a very large system (hundreds of millions of users active at any given moment), and you need to actively push messages/notification from servers to their client endpoint. Is it common to have a few thousand machines dedicated to hold TCP connection with active users? If so, I would imagine there’s a “lookup […]

Are Google Chrome and Chromium equivalent for web design/development?

This is probably a silly question, however: from a Web Design/Development point of view (I mean support for web standards and web technologies), could Google Chrome and Chromium considered equivalent? I know that they are essentially the same browser, the former being the branded version of the latter, but they also have some functional differences, […]

[ Programming & Design ] Open Question : Which is a better layout for website flexbox or grid or bootstrap?

Anyone can define the which is better layout designing for a website. which you are using right now and which layout designing prefer to you.