Unity3D: How can I make the camera rotate around an object, with an angle on the camera, only on x-axis, by right-mousebutton drag? [closed]

I am making a game in Unity3D, I’m stuck because I want to make the Main camera, being able to be dragged with right-mousebutton. I have already tried some codes that fundamentally work, but the “Orbit” rotation is doing the rotation relative to the rotation of the camera itself. So what I want to, is […]

How to reset the animation after a gameobject is deactivated in Unity?

I have a simple cube gameobject which has an animator component attached to it. This animator only controls one simple animation clip, this animation clip simply changes the scale of the gameobject from (1,1,1) to (2,2,2) in half a second. Now in an another script lets say GameManager I trigger this animation by anim.SetTrigger(“Scaleup”) and […]

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VS Code IntelliSense not working for Unity3d

Problem: IntelliSense is not working for Unity specific methods and functions (i.e., Update, FixedUpdate, Awake, etc.). It does work, however, for non Unity specific methods (i.e., IEnumerator, void, public, float, int, etc.) and for Unity specific variables (i.e., Gameobject, transform, camera, etc.) and Unity specific namespaces (i.e., UnityEngine, UnityEditor, Unity, etc.). I am using: Visual […]

Unity3d – Reflections do not update when changing Skybox color

When my game first loads the objects in the scene are reflecting the color of the Skybox. Which is good. But when I change the Skybox material’s color, there is no effect on the lighting/reflection and the objects remain the same color. Is there any way I can fix this? Unity3D LWRP

How to alter Intel Hardware Accelerated Video Decode for Unity to support instanced playback textures

So I am attempting to make a multi-display rendering system in Unity using C#, but after coming to the conclusion that (2017.1) Unity’s CPU-Bound video-player was not capable of meeting performance requirements, I decided to attempt leveraging Intel’s Hardware-Accelerated Video Decode in Unity in the project, which can be found here: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/hardware-accelerated-video-decode-in-unity After importing into […]

Unity C# Error : this.transform No Definition [closed]

Here is a section of my code, but the error is basically happening everywhere(In every script). If you want the full piece of code, tell me but here is a section: this.transform.position = new Vector3(this.transform.position.x, -2.67f, mid.z); The transform word is underlined red stating that it does not contain a definition and no accessible extension. […]

Ubuntu 19.10 Unity 7.5.0 clock and calendar widget in the panel keeps flickering after upgrade

I just upgraded from Ubuntu 19.04 to 19.10. After reboot, the clock and calendar widgets in the top panel keep flickering. I have tried resetting unity and updating Nvidia drivers too. Right now, I have Nvidia-driver-435 (Proprietary) for my GTX 850M installed and in use.

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How to take Screen Shot in Particular Area in unity

i am using unity 2018. In my project i have to take particular area screen. I have using the below code. It is working. But The exact image is not working. It goes some extent. How can i take the exact image. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using System; public class ScreenCapture : MonoBehaviour { public […]

Change color of individual prefab instance after it was touched Unity 2d

I started making a 2d game, where an Individual Prefab Instance has to change color after being touched. I’m new to programming in C# and I’ve scoured the internet for hours but I still can’t find an answer which works. I tried adding GetComponent<Renderer>().material.color = Color.red; to the script on my prefab but it changes […]

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Dash against slopes using physics in Unity 2D

I’m working on a 2D project in Unity. The character controller is physics based, so I use rigidbody to move the player. Everything is working fine except when I try to apply a high speed movement to the character, like a dash. This is how the code looks like. I just check if the player […]