Development HTML iOS Javascript

IOS Safari, what is the first release of IOS to allow local HTML/JAVASCRIPT files to be executed

I have a local HTML file containing javascript, which I have never been able to execute with IOS, by double-clicking the file. This has always worked on Android. I recently had access to a new iPad and the file was in Dropbox. I opened Dropbox, double clicked the filename and it worked perfectly. It contains […]

Development HTML Linux

Delete files in public_html in the directadmin

Today I mistakenly deleted files inside the public_html folder. There is no backup of deleted files. Is there a way to recover information? thanks

Database Development Django HTML

How can I populate an HTML dropdown with data from a database using Django?

I’m attempting to create a dropdown selection on an HTML page containing options (specifically, the userID and name of a character for the user to select to load into a battle simulator) from my database, but it keeps coming up empty without any errors or any indication as to what is wrong. I’m trying to […]

API Development GitHub HTML

UnitTest call /swagger-ui.html results in a 404 for springdoc-openapi

I am trying to migrate to springdoc-openapi; Everything runs great except being able to run unit-tests from mvn; The following maven command results in a 404: mvn -Dtest=SwaggerUITest test -f TestSwaggerUi -P integration Intellij has no problem running it, so I suspect that it is a classloading issue. I have used the code from the […]

Cryptocurrency Development Ethereum HTML Java

If you need a server to store HTML and java script code, then what is the use of the block chain?

I have been studying block chain for a while, and I came to know that decentralisation of data is its greatest pros. From my understanding, if block chain is massively adopted in the future, we will no longer need servers, since everything will be stored on the block chain. Currently, we can store solidity smart […]

Development HTML jQuery

How to create a proper click event in js, jquery, html

So as an assignment I need to create a barebones twitter clone. I was given a script that creates random tweets from four users and to display them I’m simply using an interval. My issue is that one of the condition requires that if the user clicks on one of the usernames, the website should […]

Development HTML

How to make visible a variable defined in index.html from a razor pages?

I would like to make a website using Mapbox and Blazor. Some questions about this. Blazor – because I’ve been using c # for a long time. But on the other hand, so far I have used Javascript to access MapBox: <script> var map = new mapboxgl.Map({ container: ‘mapContainer’, … }); <script> To work with […]

Development HTML

Select HTML item using VBA

I’m trying to scrape data from this website and I need to select value from picture (in this case “Москва, Новорязанское ш.”): I am having trouble identifying the correct “class” to use and also not sure of which functions can be leveraged to target the specific values I’m trying to keep. Any guidance would be […]

Development HTML PHP SQL

Insert into sql table with php from html form

I am trying to insert into my table (courses) in my sql database. But when I run my code (by clicking submit) I get this error: I am no longer getting an error, I get the message: New course created successfully But when I check the database, the course has not been added This is […]

Development HTML MVC

Filling specific cells in html table with razor pages

After trying to fill a html table with data from a MVC model, we ran into a problem. This code below generates a table, which is supposed to represent a schedule. The first row displays the days of the week, and the first column displays the number representation of the school hours. <table class=”table2″> <tr> […]