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Trying to run a composite GUI in Eclipse

I am learning how to use the Eclipse IDE and trying to run a composite built in Eclipse. However, I can’t get it to run the GUI can anyone help? I know I need public static void main(String[] args)but what do I need to add to this method to get it to run correctly? Can […]

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Algorithm Design: Best Way to Represent a 2D Grid, with Boundary Digits, in C++?

I like working on algorithms in my spare time to improve my algorithm design skills. I tackle Jane Street’s monthly puzzles as my ‘monthly challenge’. I’ve previously developed algorithms to solve their October Puzzle, and have solved their November puzzle by hand. I solved their November puzzle (Hooks #6) by hand, but only because I’m […]

Best way to protect source code of .exe program running on Python?

I am developing proprietary software that would be distributed in a form of .exe file. In order to use it, users will have to authenticate with their whitelist credentials (username + password). The issue I have encountered is that in the industry I am selling on, there are a lot of “hackers” who will try […]

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Is there any difference in time complexities of declaring, instantiating and initializing an array in the following methods in JAVA?

I am following an online course about data structures and algorithms. In that course, the instructor tells that the time complexities of following ways are different. Method 1: Declare: int arr[]————>O(1) Instantiation: arr = new int[size]——>O(1) Initialization: arr[0]=0;————>O(1) ————–>O(n) arr[1]=1;————>O(1) Method 2: Declaration,instantiation and initialization: int arr[]={10,20,30}—————->O(1) I need to know that by following the […]

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Tower of Hanoi with forbidden move from source to destination (C)

I am trying to write a recursive C function which would solve the tower of Hanoi , but with an extra restriction , that moving a disc from A (the source tower) to C (the destination tower) is forbidden , and vice versa. For instance , moving a single disc from A to C or […]

Installing Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 (for Deep Learning)

I am a Machine Learning Engineer and have to use NVIDIA GPU accelerators (CUDA implementation) for training learning algorithms and speeding up the process. I have a Dell G3 15 with two disk drives (1: 256GB SSD and 2: 1TB HDD) and plan to install Ubuntu Desktop 18.04.3LTS but I currently have Windows 10 installed […]

Sorting Algorithms & Time Complexity

Which is the Fastest Sorting Algorithm in terms of Time Complexity cosiderations? Among the commonly used Sorring algorithms like Bubble sort,Insertion sort,Merge Sort,Heap Sort etc which is the fastest.

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Is pulseaudio’s default nice value (-11) actually ineffective due to autogroup?

The pulseaudio daemon runs with nice level -11 by default, via rtkit. However, I’m noticing choppy audio at times of high cpu load, and decreasing the nice value even further by setting high-priority = yes and nice-level = -16 in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf has no effect. realtime-scheduling = yes and realtime-priority = 6, in turn, also appear […]

What rules are there about a function a -> () being evaluated in Haskell?

Just as the title says: what guarantees are there for a Haskell function returning unit to be evaluated? One would think that there is no need to run any kind of evaluation in such a case, the compiler could replace all such calls with an immediate () value unless explicit requests for strictness are present, […]

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Where does entropy enter in Soft Actor-Critic(SAC)?

I am currently trying to understand SAC(Soft Actor-Critic), and I am thinking of it as a basic actor-critic with the entropy included. However, I expected the entropy to appear in the Q-function. From SpinningUp-SAC it looks like the entropy is entering through the value-function, so I’m thinking it enters by the log pi_phi(a_t|s_t) in the […]