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Perform AJAX post request to the same PHP page (Jquery Form Plugin)

I’m writing a new web interface using JavaTMP that is an AJAX based admin template. After spending some time on understanding how it works i created a page with a form that will allow you to create a new project in my software. Basically using php it will be pretty easy to create a form […]

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Submitting large files Laravel and Ajax

I have a form where user submit and add product with multiple images to the database through Ajax request. The problem is when I choose a lower(12kb) image it save the product but if it is large file(1mb) or (400kb) it doesn’t save the product. I have set the limit of upload to 10000mb, how […]

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How to handle the data received to save it in the database Laravel and Ajax?

I’m trying to add the product with multiple images to the database without refreshing the page, I don’t get any errors on console but I see the long text which starting like this <script> Sfdump = window.Sfdump || (function (doc) { var refStyle = doc.createElement(‘style’), rxEsc = /([.*+?^${}()|\[\]\/\\])/g, idRx = /\bsf-dump-\d+-ref[012]\w+\b/, keyHint = 0 <= […]

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Get Author Post on author.php with AJAX

Hi I’m trying to display post by author on author.php but I can’t get the author ID. ( display post from that user ) JQuery jQuery(‘#menu_posts’).click(function(){ $.ajax({ type : ‘GET’, url : ‘/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php’, dataType : ‘html’, data : { action: ‘user_posts’ }, success : function(data){ $(‘#user-tab’).html(data); }, error: function(data){ alert(“Error!”); return false; } }); […]

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rails not updating session hash on ajax request without pry

I’m trying to develop a cart system(for a practice e-commerce project) on rails 6. The code(explaination): I have a link with class attribute “add_to_cart_link” then I use a jquery to select the elements with the mentioned class and set a on click listener on them. The click listener send an ajax request to ‘shopping_experience/add_to_cart’.The control […]

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Clocking in system PHP, Ajax, Mysql

I’m attempting to write some code that enables my colleagues to clock in/out. Firstly, they select the month they are born, then all names appear for that month. This data is retrieved from a DB. That all works with this code (I got the majority from this site) – (index.html) (This part works, and will […]

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Attend event form with ajax

I’ve created a WordPress website with gigs from a band. All the logged in users can select if they’ve attended that specific gig. Something like So I’ve created a new table wp_gigs_attending. This table has 3 fields: attending_id post_id user_id The attending_id is ofcourse the primary key (A.I), the post_id is the id of […]

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Simple Add To Cart Ajax Button

I need the simple add to cart ajax button on my image how can I achieve this thanks. Website Please as I need to implement it on the website.

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Parameters are coming in as null for Ajax Post method to Controller

I have this bit of code that triggers on click. When I set a breakpoint at SaveNewProduct all the values are null. I tried to create a input object, I tried to add in each property manually, nothing worked. May I get any tips or suggestion. var input = { name: name, type: type, description: […]

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AJAX form submit error when sending form to twig in hook_preprocess_page

I have a simple AJAX form that I can’t submit when the form is passed from module to the template in hook_preprocess_page. The same form works fine if sent from controller, it’s just that the layout is complicated and I prefer to write the HTML part in the twig file and integrate the form where […]