[ Words & Wordplay ] Open Question : I have many memories of this school. Or, I have many memories that are related to this school. Or, I have many school days memories here.?

[ Words & Wordplay ] Open Question : Native English speakers, I need your help?

Hi, I need your help to write a little post about rescuing a poor street puppy. I wanna try and convince someone with a kind heart to adopt this poor pup. I m trying to post a little story on numerous animal care organizations social media pages. She’s about 02 weeks old, her mother has […]

[ Words & Wordplay ] Open Question : Help me with a grammatical problem!?

I’m a English learner but in this country we hardly use English, so I beg you online guys to help me with this problem. Q. It has affected the southern area of the park ———- many of the public trails are located. (A) that (B) what (C) where (D) when I checked (C) where and […]

[ Words & Wordplay ] Open Question : What is the word for the relationship between one’s mother and mother-in-law?

They are friends.  I’m thinking there must be a word for what they are to one another.  The one simply says “She’s my son-in-law’s mother” but there should be a word for it.  Any ideas?

[ Words & Wordplay ] Open Question : Hi ! A question to Brooklyn nine nine watchers. What exactly did Raymond Holt mean when he said «  Sarcasm, the coward’s lie ? » to Terry?

[ Words & Wordplay ] Open Question : What does delta sign with AV Face means?

I went to a skin specialist who after examining me , wrote the first thing on page and that is AV face ….what does it mean?

[ Words & Wordplay ] Open Question : Hardly and scarcely?

‘Hardly’ and ‘scarcely’ are completely interchangeable? Are there any cases (sentences) where ‘hardly’ cannot be replaced by ‘scarcely’, or vice versa?

[ Words & Wordplay ] Open Question : Is the phrase “Bye Felicia” really that insulting?

a) yes b) no When you answer, can you give me an explanation?

[ Words & Wordplay ] Open Question : What is the correct way to refer to passing the sweeper?

[ Words & Wordplay ] Open Question : What does”submit to hail” mean?