[ Tennis ] Open Question : I have a TT Bandit OS tennis racquet. It needs new strings but I’m unsure of what kind to get size and all, help!?

[ Tennis ] Open Question : Are you a tennis freak?

[ Tennis ] Open Question : Do you agree?

Regardless of who you think the actual GOAT is, Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic are the three greatest players to ever play the sport. What each has done is just crazy. Plus the level of tennis they play.

[ Tennis ] Open Question : Bianca Andreescu. The First Canadian Female To Won The U.S. Open Tennis Women’s Singles Title In History This 2019?

And The First Canadian Male Or Female To Win A Major Tennis Grand Slam Or If You Depending The First Player Born In The 2000s (Bianca Is Born In 2000) To Victoriously Won A Tennis Grand Slam. Woah Toronto!

[ Tennis ] Open Question : Who’s The First Canadian (Male Or Female) To Win A Major Grand Slam Tennis Title & The 1st Player Born In The 2000s To Win A Major Title?

Clue: Bianca Got The Jagger RIGHT? More Clue: She’s Recently Won This 2019

[ Tennis ] Open Question : What did the Wall-Smasher say to the Ball-Smasher?

“Good luck, Serena!”

[ Tennis ] Open Question : Why did they play three sets at the US Open today?

I was at work so I had to follow on my phone. I had $200 on Medvedev, so when I saw he had won two sets, I thought it was over. Do they have to win three sets? I bet on the women’s side too, they didn’t have to win three.