[ Politics ] Open Question : Does this remind you of Democrats?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Do Democrats admit there’s a crisis at the border after Americans have been ambushed and murdered, Dems think drug cartels aren’t dangerous?

How out of touch are Democrats?   

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[ Politics ] Open Question : Should Democrats runs ads in Alabama explaining how Jeff Sessions refused to protect President Trump from alleged allegations?

“And where oh where was Jeff when our Donald needed him most…….”

[ Politics ] Open Question : Fellow Democrats: Trump is a horrible racist fascist, but can we kind of admit that Bernie is worse?

His ideas are too far left, he will betray our allies by pulling our troops our from everywhere (because he doesn’t quite understand our place), and he’s an agent of Vladimir Putin, since he really doesn’t want Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton in office At least admit he’s just as bad

[ Politics ] Open Question : Think trump will be the 1st president democrats impeach and also because president ?

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Why are Democrats mostly focused on increasing healthcare spending, rarely mentioning any proposals for decreasing the costs of healthcare services? [Politics]

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are currently the two most prominent candidates campaigning for universal healthcare, as an expansion of Obama’s original Affordable Care Act. However their plans …

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why do the stupid liberals believe middle and upper classes will vote for the democrats? They’re whole plan is to increase taxes?

Socialism has never turned out good. Rich people are the engines of the economy. Rich people own the factories, the banks, the entreprises. By punishing rich people you will only hit the economy. For example, I have 5 employees, if the minimum wage is raise, then I will have to close my business and then […]

[ Politics ] Open Question : Do you have PTSD (Pretty Tired of Stupid Democrats)?

I do!!!!!!!!!!!

[ Politics ] Open Question : I’m 18 and finally able to vote. What party should I support The GOP or Democrats and why?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Can someone tell the Democrats you can’t impeach the President for doing his job?