Build positive to combine errands and trips to cut down on your travel and economize when shopping for gasoline by Blaux Portable AC profiting from special programs and discounts and remaining vigilant regarding gas prices. As well, following a daily maintenance schedule and correct tire inflation will also help you achieve maximum gas mileage for […]

[ Other – Electronics ] Open Question : Aegis Mini E-Cig Question ?

I own an aegis mini mod. I wish I had bought something more basic because I don’t quite understand the different features: cool, amp, volt. I’ve changed my coil THREE times and it still tastes burnt. I’ve “primed” and waited 5 minutes before smoking it. I have it set to 27, coil .16, volt 2.10. […]

[ Other – Electronics ] Open Question : How can I get better quality VHS to DVD transfers?

I brought two VHS tapes to a professional imaging place for transfer to DVD. I got the DVDs back. During playback the DVDs jump or hang every so often. I noticed in the DVD directory that there are numerous INF, VOB, and BUP files. For example, one DVD has 35 files of each. By looking […]

[ Other – Electronics ] Open Question : How do you get someone what they want for their birthday without giving it away?

I’m getting someone an Apple Watch and they have a golden XS Max and I don’t know which one they would like, so how would I get one without making it obvious that I am going to get them one by blatantly asking?  It’s their b-day and I think the regular stainless steel is good […]

[ Other – Electronics ] Open Question : Can I charge LiFePo4 3.2v batteries with a charger that is meant for ultrafire batteries?

[ Other – Electronics ] Open Question : Led light flickers?

What does it mean when the led lightbulb connected to a solar charger flickers and the power indicator goes from 3 to 2 lights then back to 3 and the flickering stops?

[ Other – Electronics ] Open Question : How to connect twin true wireless earbuds ?

My son got a pair of wireless earbuds he’s trying to connect them to his iPod touch but he can’t figure out how. How do you connect them to an iPod touch 32gb ?

[ Other – Electronics ] Open Question : Why is my vape pen flashing white? It’s charged?

[ Other – Electronics ] Open Question : Is their a analog wristwatch like sorta a databank one that can store alot more texts and small images. It dont matter the image quality?

Like on casios you can store numbers and other things but I want to know if theirs a watch out their that can store images that is sent from a computer by connecting to it or wifi

[ Other – Electronics ] Open Question : I have carrier split ac give error code P06?

what is this code meaning