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[ Global Warming ] Open Question : Have you noticed that the paid trolls are getting really desperate on Yahoo Global Warming?

This place is a ghost town.  Many sock accounts, but few users.  Dirac and Here’s Georgie/Super Hans have many accounts.  They try to make this place look full.  They try to sell an issue most don’t care about. Their latest is to put a troll question in Politics, the section with the most traffic.  They […]

[ Global Warming ] Open Question : Does the climate alarmist need to man up?

The world keeps on turning, but these sissies run like scared rabbits.  They’ll come up with any excuse to cover their crying. 

[ Global Warming ] Open Question : Should the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade have a rapidly deflating earth balloon to represent the climate crisis?

[ Global Warming ] Open Question : If we stopped pollution tomorrow, what would the effect on the temperature of the earth be without global dimming?

[ Global Warming ] Open Question : Are you afraid?

[ Global Warming ] Open Question : How wrong was climate change “skeptic” Didier Drogba …. ?

… who also, if memory serves, went by the name of Randall. I came across this question more or less by chance. It was penned about 10 years ago at a time when “the pause” was taking root in the fertile soil of “skeptic” imagination. But how accurate did it turn out to be? And […]

[ Global Warming ] Open Question : Do you trust nurses?

Ask Global Warming

[ Global Warming ] Open Question : Can retarded people post on Yahoo?