VidaGenex Keto Burn Reviews: How To Use? Does It Works?

VidaGenex Keto Burn Reviews: How To Use? Does It Works?   VidaGenex is Really a surplus Weight-reduction wellness supplement which also provides other advantages, in line with the promises of one’s manufacturer. It makes it possible to shed that unwelcome weight by way of its capacity to raise and sustain nutritious ketone systems in bloodstream […]

[ Gender Studies ] Open Question : Why feminists don’t shave?

[ Gender Studies ] Open Question : Would false accusations of rape and sexual assault stop when men start beating the everloving s*h*t out of their false accusers?

You bet your bottom dollar that is what I will do if any woman ever falsely accuses ME, some things are simply worth going to jail for, and that’s the only way I would get any justice for it. I suppose she could in turn sue me, but she won’t be able to enjoy that […]

[ Gender Studies ] Open Question : Women, instead of complaining about the toilet seat being up, how about you simply look before plunging a.s.s backwards into the toilet bowl?

Otherwise, I’m gonna laugh at you.

[ Gender Studies ] Open Question : Why does that quote “the biggest enemy of a woman is another woman” exist? Thats false, the biggest enemy of a woman is a man?

Think about it and be honest.  Are women more likely to be beaten, abused, kidnapped, mutilated, tortured, raped, harrassed, discriminated or murdered by a man or a woman?  There is your answer. 

[ Gender Studies ] Open Question : In USA why do woman have more rights than men do? That’s seem unfair it should be equal ?

Ask Gender Studies

[ Gender Studies ] Open Question : No offense but why is that female coworkers seem to have the hardest time getting along with other female coworker?

I just notice way more catty and drama behavior amongst females in the workplace men can be drama oriented as well, but I feel men tend to let things go better yet women seem to really take things to heart and all sorts of passive aggressive behavior becomes common female coworkers seem to be ok […]

[ Gender Studies ] Open Question : Is it child abuse for parents to deny a minor child gender reassignment surgery if he/she asks for it?

to be most effective gender reassignment must be performed at a very young age, preferably before the onset of puberty so the child will not develop irreversible physical characteristics of his/her birth sex. to not provide a child with the surgery he/she requires is as abusive as denying him/her surgery for any other serious birth […]

[ Gender Studies ] Open Question : Isn’t it amazing how feminism shapes beggars?

Beggars used to be all up in my skirt back in the day. Like stinging bees! Now they barely take a sneak peak out of even the hottest girls.  Haha good job beggars!

[ Gender Studies ] Open Question : Aren’t men with low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety just the worst!?