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Can’t ssh into Raspberry Pi 4 without a monitor connected using Kali Linux

I got my rp4 and flashed kali Linux onto it. I set up ssh which works perfectly only when the monitor is connected (doesn’t make any sense at all to me). I have configured the pi from raspi config to sign in automatically and wait for a connection to my internet before booting up. So now when my monitor is connected all I do is power up my raspberry pi and without clicking or pressing anything after one minute or so once eits booted and connected I ssh into it. No problem at all. So now I shut it down. And do the same without connecting a monitor and I was 5 mins, 10 mins, 1 hour, two hours or how ever long I wait I can’t connected I get the connection refused error and when I ping the IP I get host unreachable . So and so I try to connect the monitor from here and it says no display. I am not sure what’s happening but it seems once I powerup the rp4 without a monitor it just doesn’t turn on or something. I have tried this many times and spent countless hours and days trying to figure it out and researching online but finally I made an account and decided to ask here.

Please help me I am going mad how is this possible why is the monitor making the difference to whether I can connect to ssh or not. I mean I have even tried, once I boot the pi with the monitor and ssh is working I turn use command sudo reboot and just as it turns off to restart all I do is remove the HDMI cable from the pi and that’s it I can’t connect again, even when I know it should be restarting by now etc it still won’t work. Whereas no matter how many times whilst the pi is connected to the monitor, no matter how many times I restart it as long as the monitor is connected I can remote ssh form my phone, laptop etc.

The only way remote say works for me is if I first connect the monitor and wait for it to boot up and then then I can remove the HDMI cable and I can continue to ssh whenever . But as soon as the pi restarts or anything I can’t connect. Please help I am out of ideas

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