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Can’t install Ubuntu or start Ubuntu live

I can’t install Ubuntu or start Ubuntu live on my PC. I have a (ca. 2014) Asus Rampage V motherboard and an Intel i7-5960x CPU. When I want to start Ubuntu from a LiveUSB on this six year old design, I got this message :

Screen pic of boot failure

I tried 18.04 and 20.04 but error is the same.

Yes. It works on Windows 10. I tested cpu with prime95, Realbench and 3dMark and every test was fine. I updated bios on motherboard to Version 4101 – 2019/07/17.

I tried Xubuntu installation, but the system froze during installation. I tried CentOS to with CentOS-8.1.1911-x86_64-boot but result was the same, system froze.

I also tried with Load optimal defaults in Bios, but it didn’t help.

This is very similar problem that I have (if not the same) :

Can't install Ubuntu on Asus Rampage Extreme IV

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