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Cannot move file from Ext4 to exFAT if title contains colon (:)

I have a 1TB SSD that I’ve partitioned in half into Ext4/exFAT. The Ext4 is for better interop with Ubuntu 18.04 (my OS) and the exFAT is for better portability with other systems. I installed exfat-fuse and exfat-utils for compatibility with Ubuntu.

Orginal description:

So I have some zip files that I tried unzipping onto the exFAT
partition but it’s not working. This ONLY happens if the zip archive
contains a markdown file. My archive contains mp4 files and markdown
files. Here’s an example: I have an containing:

  • vid_1.mp4
  • vid_2.mp4
  • vid_3.mp4
/path/to/vid_1.mp4  extracting: /path/to/vid_2.mp4  extracting:
/path/to/vid_3.mp4 error:  cannot create /path/to/
        No such file or directory ```

And in fact everything is unzipped on disc, except for that Markdown
file at the end.

I've confirmed that if I delete the Markdown file from the archive
then retry, there are no errors reported.

Update: ok turns out this was all because the Markdown filename had a colon (:) in the name. If I rename it to remove the colon the transfer works. Had nothing to do with the unzip operation specifically.

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