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Cannot access a specific Windows shared folder with username & password

When I share a folder, it only works when priviledges are set to “Everyone”. How can I share a specific folder with a specific username/password so that only those who know that username/password can access it?

Right clicking on a folder -> properties -> sharing tab -> advanced sharing -> tick the “share this folder” checkbox and then under the “permissions” button:

On PC1 that has a local Windows account “userA”, I share folderA specifying the user “everyone” full control priviledges and, as expected, it fully works on PC2: It asks for username/password, so I click on “Use another account” and I type in “userA” (this account exists on PC1 but not on PC2) along with the password and it works perfectly fine.

Then, still on PC1, I shared folderB giving it only “userB” full control and no other user. Trying to connect to the shared folder on PC2, I am prompted to enter the credentials, so I click on “Use another account” like before, but after typing “userB” with the password, it displays a window saying: Attempting to connect to \PC1\folderB… and then 15 seconds later, it says: The network folder specified is currently mapped using a different user name and password. (but that’s not the case)

Every tutorial that I could find online says to add the “everyone” user to the permissions! This is nonsense. SURE it works, but then everybody can see the contents of that folder! I want this specific folder to ONLY be accessible to 2 people in the organization, not to everybody!

Error window screenshot

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