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can you eradicate barbarians completely?

I’m at peace with all my neighbors.

I thought: hm. Let me just get rid all the barbarians so I can focus on space race. I got rid of two barbarian outposts. Then one spawned. Then another barbarian outpost spawned. Now there are FOUR barbarian outposts.

The eradicating the first three barbarian outposts was easy… I have guns they have clubs (musketmen, infantry, rangers vs warriors and archers).

But now that I have nuclear tech… The barbarians are spawning NUCLEAR SUBMARINES. It took 3-4 naval ships to take out their nuclear submarine.

[civ6] can you eradicate barbarians completely?

I ask because everytime I destroy one barbarian outpost 1-2 barbarian outposts spawn.

It’s really getting tiresome. I have spent now about 30+ turns and like 5-10+ hours.

Do I need to create nukes and just nuke all of them in one turn to prevent them spawning?

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