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Can the forked be unforked? :)

So….BTC, BCH, BTG and BSV all trade at different prices/values.

All have forked off from BTC and have different development teams, theories, practices, technology, etc.

I noticed that when you look at the amount of coins mined on sites like, it shows the following circulating supplies for each:

BTC = 18,287,125
BCH = 18,351,063
BSV = 18,348,240
BTG = 17,513,924

Are the amounts of the circulating supply of coins (other than BTC) the amounts of coins mined after they forked from BTC?

How is BTG’s supply calculated since it is lower than BTC?

Also, if/when one of these coins “wins” through having the “best” technology, most TPS, etc., will they all converge back into one coin some day possibly? If/when that happens, will the values all become the same since they will converge back into one coin?

Any light anyone could shed on this would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you,


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