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Can Azure DevOps Server 2020 support a model where dev’s PR build is run on the dev’s machine?

We use Azure DevOps Server 2020 on prem. We are not in a position to move to Services. We are not in a position to use agents in Azure, because these agent would not be able to talk to the server, which is behind the corporate firewall.

So, we are stuck with on-prem agents and this suffocates us. Our app is a monolith in the worst sense of the word. Its PR build takes time and is extremely hungry on resources. Currently we have 2-3 PR builds running concurrently on the same machine and it takes eternity. In short – it is very bad.

On the other hands, developers have pretty powerful machines. Of course, I do not want my machine to serve PR builds of others, but if it could run my own PR build, that would be fantastic.

Alas, I do not see how this can be done. So, my question – is it possible to configure Azure DevOps Server 2020 so that PR validation build for a PR submitted by Alice would run on the build agent running on Alice’s machine and only if there is no such agent would it pick up a "standard" build agent running on a build server?


Although the question speaks about Alice, but there are also Bob and Charlie and Deepak. About 300+ developers. So, the solution should not assume there is only one developer working on the code.

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