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C# – Network flooding

I just created a simple MMO in unity3d, then me and my friends test it via LAN and the result is very smooth. But when I hosted it in public (100ms ping) the server became unresponsive and causes random disconnection.

Host Setup
– 1gbps
– 32gb ram
– 256 ssd
– off firewall

Server Setup
– max of 100 players
– every 100ms update
– no other updates, just only X and Y location of player by index
– c# sockets w/ async

Server Flow
– when 100ms tick reaches, server sends position of player base on index in a loop.


if (gtick >= 0.1f) {
    for (x < maxPlayers; x++) {

        // check ifs
        //couples of ifs here...

        // send
        sendToWorld(x ... player[x].posX ... player[x].posY);

    // somewhere, gtick = 0, then counts up again...


then the result is delay, unresponsive, and random disconnection.
maybe it flooding itself, I don’t know. but when we test it locally (10+ players), it is very smooth and no problem at all.

My question is, How can I update all players every 0.1 without server flooding itself?

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