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bootstrap (3.3.7) youtube style image carousel

Without reinventing the wheel, I want to make something that is a bootstrap (or css, or jquery is fine) image slider similiar to what youtube looks like.

I.e., 4 ‘thumbnails’ that you can click on arrows to slide right/left.

Can’t seem to find any good free demos (or rather, ones that actually work), and don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Can anyone recommend something that works?

This is what I want to accomplish:
something like say (really condensing here):

 <div id=item1 img=1.jpg caption='picture 1'>
 <div id=item2 img=2.jpg caption='picture 2'>
 <div id=item3 img=3.jpg caption='picture 3'>
 <div id=item4 img=4.jpg caption='picture 4'>
 <div id=item5 img=5.jpg caption='picture 5'>

with the left right arrows

doesn’t “have” to be bootstrap (btw I am using version 3.3.7 and can’t change that), could be pure CSS, or jquery…

any recommendations would be appreciated, thanks!

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