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Blender will not start in Ubuntu 20.04

I have just installed Blender in Ubuntu 20.04. When I select Blender to open it, I get the initial Blender screen and then the application disappears. Suggestions will be very welcome.

I ran blender in a terminal with the following output:

non-existent directory found bundled python: /snap/blender/37/2.82/
python Warning: property 'release_confirm' not found in keymap item 'OperatorProperties'
Writing: /tmp/blender.crash.txt
Segmentation fault (core dumped) 

Thank you Nmath, Jos and user 535733. I have tried both approaches; latterly removing the snap version of Blender and using the terminal and sudo apt install blender. Again Blender started but then vanished; on this occasion I was prompted to submit an error report which I have done. This computer is dual boot and I do use Blender in Windows 10 but I would like to transfer as much as possible to Linux.

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