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Blank screen on boot with no errors and disk issue

Been working on this issue for three hours with no luck. Will have to post images as the laptop is down.

I could not get to the login screen. Just a blank screen. I was getting an error message about bluetooth. Fixed that. No change. Went into recovery and saw it was not finding a disk. Looked in the /etc/fstab and checked against blkid. The id of one drive was not listed.

This drive was mounted at /media/d/data.

I changed the uid of this disk to my primary Linux filesystem one.

Now I relised that the /media/d/data disk was probably sn external disk that has been accidentaly writted to fstab.

I have two disks for Linux and Windows. The Linux home is encrypted.

Anyone able to make any sense of this. Below are images of the fstab file and blkid output.

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