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Bitlocker: Export Recovery Key from broken Windows (recovery key not known, but password is)

My Windows installation has Bitlocker protector PIN and TPM. I can enter the pre-boot PIN and the TPM is accessible, but the logon screen does not load properly. The partition is unlocked from my understanding but I see no way to backup the data without the recovery key:

  • If I boot a Windows To Go on the same Laptop (Secure Boot disabled to allow it to boot), Recovery Key is requested
  • If I use a different PC, obviously Recovery Key is requested, because TPM is not available
  • In recovery console manage-bde -unlock C: -Password does not work
  • If I use recovery mode to enable boot options (like safe mode), recovery key is required

As I can unlock the partition in pre-boot, how can I extract the recovery key without logging in in normal non-safe mode?

thank you

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