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Bastionhost configuration with NaviServer on GCP?

How to add TLS/SSL letsencrypt or GCP provided certificate to VM instance in GCP with an internal ip address and static external address?

When I create one via a letsencrpt certificate install script, resultant connections break because the VM doesn’t have an external facing ip number –only an internal number.

The traffic passes through a firewall (or load balancer) of sorts.

I’m used to bastionhost VM servers in the wild..

Details: NaviServer web server is running on a GCP Compute Engine with a FreeBSD 11.3 image.

(Linux Shield OSes aren’t letting me compile Naviserver and use it on any port).

All works for port 80 and 8000 on an internal ip address, and a static ip address pointed externally and not connected to the VM.

I can’t find any proxy/firewall settings to navigate via GCP menus.

How to resolve?

Is there some special term I should use to search for docs?

Any link with instructions to follow?

Is there a way to expose a VM instance directly to an external ip address?

Any other creative way I may get SSL/TLS to work with NaviServer?

thank you

Links to some things I’ve tried:

Enable SSL on Tomcat on Google Compute Engine

How to setup Letsencrypt for Google Cloud Compute Engine load balancer? <– this is for Kubernetes clusters

I’m currently trying adding a load balancer:

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