Auto created statistic not updated automatically and how should they look like?

I used this script to get the status of our statistics.
The index statistics look fine cause we update them with a maintenance job. But the auto created index stats looks a bit strange for me. They seem not to be updated since a long time (except of one in my example)

Here you can see:

Statistic status of one example table

Information about our database: SQL Server 2016 with compatibility level 2008, auto update statistics = true, create auto statistics = true, auto update asynchronously = false

Now I have a few questions:

  1. Why are more rows modified although auto update (I guess 20% + 500 rows?) is activated?
  2. Should I update them manually?
  3. Should I use Ola Hallengren’s script for updating the statistics instead of maintanance job?
  4. Any other recommendations?

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