[ Search Engine Optimization ] Open Question : Let’s help us in making our website even better?

We are working on redesigning our website. We want to make it perfect. We need your suggestions. The link to the current version: https://www.decipherzone.com/ Working on a few changes that are here: https://dev.decipherzone.com/dz/ We would love to get feedback on SEO, design, performance, page speed optimizations, accessibility, and responsiveness. Can you help us? Any feedback…

[ Search Engine Optimization ] Open Question : What would you do if the engine went out on jeep? You pay $2-3000 for an engine and also pay your monthly payments or???

The jeep engine went out and the dealership to you to pay $2-3000 on the engine and also make monthly payments because you still are making monthly payments and would you fix the engine $2-3000 and make monthly payments or let it go? And this is on your credit.