[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : Vintage old Adidas clothing size – what do the numbers on the label mean?

This is regarding two vintage Adidas tracksuit jackets. On one jacket’s label, under GB it says “5’11”, and under US it says “M(M) XL(L). Under Germany it says “6”, France “177”, Switzerland “6” and Italy (I think) “6”. The other jacket – GB says “38/40” (could this be chest size?), USA says “S(M) L(L)”, France…

[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : Is this moisturiser safe?

https://m.professionalsupplementcenter.com/Vitamin-B-12-Cream-by-Life-Flo.htm?referrer=googleshopping&gclid=CjwKCAjwwvfrBRBIEiwA2nFiPT4Ir7oPBByMNIISVtedZZe4NMVtXhW5lWzFmq_CxkuE32InD_sDNRoC4V0QAvD_BwE It contains latex from a rubber tree. Sanger derando sap. Would this latex get stuck in the skin permanently and make your skin a piece of rubber? I’ve been using it as it is helping my eczema.