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App for auto backup to Mega.NZ

I have found the Russian company with site with 50 GB free capacity, which is better than google drive for me with 15 GB free space.

SO the site has python api to connecting the server and upload or… the files the but I like to know is there any ubunutu app which be able to configed to Connect to custom websites like

I have written the python code like this:

#upload to 50 gig free
    #git clone
    nohup sh -c "/${OPENSHIFT_HOMEDIR}/app-root/runtime/srv/python/bin/pip install megacl"> $OPENSHIFT_LOG_DIR/python_modules_install_4.log /dev/null 2>&1 &  

and :

for doing this work for my files before almost 7 years ago, if this app does not exist, how much time it takes to write-in this app for middle professional programmer which was worked by python, C, C++, C# and Matlab, in your opinion?


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