Android: fill a spinner data from the server dynamically

I’m new to android. How do you fill a spinner from the server’s data dynamically.

So I’m trying to populate data from the server to my spinner. my JSON is

{"topic": "/waypoints", "msg": {"waypoints": [{"header": {"stamp": {"secs": 0, "nsecs": 0}, "frame_id": "map", "seq": 0}, "pose": {"position": {"y": -140.901899144836, "x": 44.36469369653882, "z": 0.0}, "orientation": {"y": 0.0, "x": 0.0, "z": 0.5062775131960053, "w": 0.8623706161692133}}, "name": "A"}, {"header": {"stamp": {"secs": 0, "nsecs": 0}, "frame_id": "map", "seq": 0}, "pose": {"position": {"y": -102.30524463734227, "x": 51.282396271771304, "z": 0.0}, "orientation": {"y": 0.0, "x": 0.0, "z": 0.6926372547579506, "w": 0.721286096719859}}, "name": "B"}]}, "op": "publish"}

Now I’m trying to get only “name” : A and B , and when i select each of them there will be the information of the orientation and the position.
Thanks in Advance!

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