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Android Call Forwarding: How does Windows “Your Phone” app work with Android?

For a long time now, I have been unable to wrap my head around how Microsoft has been able to achieve forwarded android calls without special privileges. I know the more modern integrated Samsung features definitely have something akin to that (e.g. mirroring multiple apps on PC), but this shouldn’t be the case for base android features. Primarily, I am concerned with call forwarding. Everything else makes more sense.

A companion app is installed on the phone that is given required permissions, pairs to the PC then reads:notifications, call logs, media and folders. Notification access allows for certain notifications to get replies, in addition to obviously making them readable.

However, Android calls are very locked down for security. I’ve looked extensively for reference on how Microsoft achieved it but I could only find many pages of guides and news articles showing it off.

The closest hunch I had was that maybe the computer’s bluetooth chipset was acting like that of a headset but after trying it several months ago I came to a dead end. When the device class was all but a few the phone refused to connect, even with different devices and setups.

It would be nice to see a cross platform solution for this. I use a Mac and an Android Phone. Like many, I need the freedom of android but require a mac for development work. I hate how *Apple has its own protectionist ecosystem, however similar restrictions are appearing on the other side of the coin now too.

If someone could shed some light I’d really appreciate it. I would love to work on an open, and cross platform alternative soon. I’m aware proprietary solutions such as AirDoid exists but currently none with no call forwarding unfortunately. That is what seems the hardest part to figure out.

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