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Advantages and Disadvantages of Chatbot Integration Into Gambling


We’re all living in an era of rapid technological development. Year by year, the technologies are becoming smarter and more sophisticated. Thanks to AI and ML solutions, a lot of industries can now provide more advanced and efficient products, as well as services. And that’s particularly the case with sectors like online gambling that deal with numerous customers.

To provide the best gaming experience to gamblers, casino operators should keep up with times and implement new technologies into their systems. Not only should these venues offer a wide range of casino games and unique promo offerings but they should also ensure great customer support service. Many casinos have started to use chatbots to improve the work of their support team.

Bright examples are Golden Tiger and Luxury Casino. If you click on “Contact Us”, you’ll see options such as “live chat” and “support email address”. When you choose Live Chat, it’ll open a new window and launch a chat system. There, you’ll see a chatbot greeting you and offering its help. Besides, both of these casinos are powered by Microgaming according to the review of Atlantis Gold. And this only adds to their high-quality client-focused services. 

But can chatbots be really helpful to customer support? And how can they upgrade the service of online casinos? Let’s find it out.

Taking Advantage of Chatbots

When it comes to the use of chatbots in the online gambling industry (especially in customer service), it’s worth exploring their benefits and drawbacks first. So, we are going to start with the positive sides of equipping customer support service with chatbots.

There’s no waiting time

As you may know, users don’t like waiting. They want their problems to be solved and fixed immediately, and any delay may be the reason for their disappointment and annoyance. So, in cases when some of the customer support agents are away or on holidays, chatbots may take over their duties and provide non-stop work of the support department. What is more interesting, BusinessWire states that 37% of people would rather get help from chatbots than wait for an answer from a live agent.

Customer Issues Can Be Solved Faster

73% of consumers believe that the best online support team cherishes their time. And as it was mentioned in the previous section, users (especially, gamblers) hate the idea of waiting. Chatbots can deal with such tasks. Due to their ability to gather information about visitors, they may use it for solving customers’ problems faster. Also, when support agents join the chat, they may ask some specific questions regarding players’ inquiries. Bots can collect that info too and then use it to interact with customers online.


Earlier, chatbots were considered as useless buggy tools. Now, they work much better thanks to ML and extended knowledge base. When having been asked about their experience interacting with chatbots, 55% of customers stated that they liked the idea of implementing chatbots in support service. With the assistance of these tools users can even solve their issues by themselves. And that means that chatbots can also help to reduce the workload on the support department.

It’s Just Helpful and Multilingual Tool

As was said earlier, chatbots can collect and analyze data about customers (or can be trained to do that). And it may both help to improve services based on the data analysis and ensure customer satisfaction. In plain words, chatbots may show how to make your clients happy. Besides, they may be multilingual and speak with customers in their native languages. Probably, you’ll agree that it’s quite difficult to find support agents who are fluent in several languages. So, using bots would be a great idea.

Possible Drawbacks of Using Chatbots

Since these tools are constantly being developed and upgraded, their functionality can be rather limited.

Chatbots may go wrong when handling unregistered commands or requests. They may not recognize users’ questions or inquiries if they hadn’t been programmed into chatbots’ knowledge base. So, to ensure their accurate operation it’s necessary to regularly fill their ‘memory’ with new commands. Also, they can’t work with a high volume of questions simultaneously.

Additionally, chatbots are very dependent on the language they’re ‘speaking’. Thus, they can fail to recognize some accents or mistakes that people can do. This may be a significant hurdle for casinos serving a global audience. Also, some users may find it uncomfortable to interact with machines. They may not understand that they’re talking to bots that can respond to particular questions, phrases, or words. To minimize such inconvenient situations, chatbots must be filled with a lot of communication patterns.


So, we explored the use cases of chatbots in the online gambling market and how this tech can improve customer support service. As you may have noticed, the benefits prevail over drawbacks. And due to technological advances, we believe that soon it’ll become possible to eliminate the existing chatbot limitations. Also, we hope that you enjoyed reading our article and found it very insightful.

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