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adb pull says it pulled all of the files from my Android phone into my Windows PC but in reality it didn’t

So I am using adb to copy all of my Android files to my Windows PC with this command: adb pull -a /mnt/sdcard C:\backup

And when it’s done it says all x amount of files have been pulled, I can confirm that the number of pulled files matches the amount of files that reside inside the folder of my Android storage but when I check how many files are actually in the C:\backup folder, I see about 200 missing or in other words adb skipped about 200 files and did not copy them over to my C:\backup folder.

I understand that this could be due to path limit or due to some files containing characters in their filenames that Windows’ NTFS file system just doesn’t allow.

How can I see what files are actually being skipped? Is there a switch in adb or some trick?

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