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ActionBlock appears to complete before I want it to

I have an ActionBlock as part of my class:

private readonly ActionBlock<QueueMessage> block;

In the constructor, I initialize it like so:

block = new ActionBlock<QueueMessage>(async s => await Process(s),
    new ExecutionDataflowBlockOptions { MaxDegreeOfParallelism = maxParallelism });

My Process method is implemented as:

private async Task Process(QueueMessage message)
    using var tx = stateManager.CreateTransaction();

    var result = await processQueue.TryGetValueAsync(tx, message.Data.Checksum);
    if (!result.HasValue)
        logger.Log(LogLevel.Error, $"Message {message.Data.Checksum} is being processed, but doesn't exist on the queue.");

        await processorService.Process(message);
        logger.Log(LogLevel.Debug, $"Message {message.Data.Checksum} processed, removing from queue.");
        await processQueue.TryRemoveAsync(tx, message.Data.Checksum);
        await tx.CommitAsync();
    catch (Exception e)
        logger.Log(LogLevel.Error, $"Message {message.Data.Checksum} could not be processed, adding to retry queue.  Error: {e}");

        await retryQueue.EnqueueAsync(tx, message);
        await tx.CommitAsync();

When I get a message I want to process, I call:

// Process the message
if (!await block.SendAsync(message, cancellationToken))
    logger.Log(LogLevel.Error, $"Failed to enqueue data with checksum {message.Data.Checksum}");

This works the first time, and the message is processed perfectly. The second message I get (maybe a few seconds later, maybe a minute later, depends on the load of the system), then block.SendAsync immediately returns false. No code in Process is ran. When I look at this under the debugger, I notice block.IsCompleted is true. However, I never called block.Complete(); or anything.

Why is my block complete when I still might have more work for it to do? Thanks!

Update: I might have a clue.

I seem to be hitting this breakpoint (In the ActionBlock.cs source code)

enter image description here

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