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80+ Mail console messages per seconds: “no entry for mailbox id

Mail rarely below 30% cpu on a 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 …
-> could be 100% of one core …

  • fan on (very loud), top of the notebook very hot,
  • laptop very slow to react/respond to inputs
  • making Mail unusable / stopping it makes the machine quieter/colder/reactive again
  • Weird part is: trying to troubleshoot, when toggling off all mail accounts (and even tried notes), the Mail program is still sending the message:
    “no entry for mailbox id [variable ids] in the cache this should never happen” to the console – until some timeout seen once – making me think the issue was solved, but it came back.
  • all the same Mail/Notes accounts seem to be ok on iOS though …
  • no related topics found on google, except problem with accountsd maybe …
  • seems to be a feature post install Catalina …
  • although similar messages appeared in this thread in 2009:
  • suggestions/comments/same experience anyone 🙂 ?

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