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3 additional varchar(32) keys and also updating them — too bad for performance?

I have a table in mind which basicaly would look like this:

id      bigserial autoincrement primary key,
token1  varchar(32) unique not null,
token2  varchar(32) unique not null,
token3  varchar(32) unique not null
[........some other data ......]

The tokens are UUIDs, just saved as varchar strings and without dashes.

My client web app is build is such a way that I can’t always use “id” to retrieve a record. Namely, I need to be able to retrieve a record by one of the “tokens” too.

Also, my client web app may need to update the “token(s)” also, different ones at different times, if a certain condition ocurrs. Not too often.

I estimate that the table would grow, at most, at 100.000 records per day.


1) Will using these 3 tokens, of 32 characters long, as oppossed to using only “id”,

and, also

2) Will updating them these

worsen the performance significantly?

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