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How long does it take for the addition of www on the website to be indexed on Google?

If I search my website in google, it show like this : The url that appears in the google search result is without www. I want to bring up www there. So I was setting in my web config. When I access, it will redirect to and now it has worked Then I […]

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Does “Claw at the Moon” require the character to make a normal attack roll in addition to the Jump check?

Claw at the Moon’s description states the following: ToB p.86 As part of this maneuver, you attempt a Jump check to leap into the air and make a melee attack that targets your foe’s upper body, face, and neck. The Jump check’s DC is equal to your target’s AC. If this check succeeds, your attack […]

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Unable to close AdMob interstitial ad

Lately, my android app has been showing Admob interstitial ads that cannot be dismissed. It seems the back button action to dismiss an ad was discontinued. Most interstitial ads include a “Close” button on the ad itself, but not all of them do. When an interstitial ad is delivered without a close button, the only […]

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What is com.coloros.pictorial on OPPO phones

On android OPPO phones what is com.coloros.pictorial. It is apparently a package on the device but what is it. When google says com.coloros.pictorial has been used what is it referring to.

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Best archtitecture and methods for high performance computing that needs to scale

I have to make a decision regarding architecture and methods for the rewrite of a proof of concept application I wrote 10 years ago in c++…. It’s about high performance position calculation based on multi-trilateration. Hunderts, thousands of IoT Sensors are sending it’s JSON based distance information to a host by using MQTT. From there […]

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What is this insect? (Location: Bangkok, Thailand; found on a rambutan; size: 8 mm long, 4 mm wide; color: black)

What is this insect? (Location: Bangkok, Thailand; found on a rambutan; size: 8 mm long, 4 mm wide; color: black) On the rambutan: Videos:

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When can an object have a controller and no owner?

Rule 616.1 has an interesting line about an object having no controller but having an owner under what conditions is this possible? 616.1. If two or more replacement and/or prevention effects are attempting to modify the way an event affects an object or player, the affected object’s controller (or its owner if it has no […]

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why Catalina using so much memory?

I think this is not normal memory usage. How can I check why this happens? Update: After restart it dropped down

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How to dynamically modify the text of the Global: result summary?

I’m using the Views module to displays search result. In the header of the views, I added the Global: Result summary to show result summary. “@total Results (@per_page per page)” //Output: 25 Results (20 per page) But depending on search result count the **Global: Result summary text should change. Meaning I want to dynamically change […]

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Export all users’ data from Google Drive?

According to this article, as a super admin, I should be able to export data for all users. However, when I visit, I am presented with the following screen: I have confirmed that: My account is a super admin. My account is over 30 days old. My account has 2-step verification enabled My organization […]