Development Linux

KDE is not saving a mime-type file association

I’m running Arch Linux and KDE and I am exploring how mime-types are behaving (and misbehaving) on my system. Consider this mime-type file association. The following console output shows that I have the mime-type xml definition file and there is an association between .pub files and the mime-type application/ $ xdg-mime query filetype ~/.ssh/ application/ […]

CMS Development Magento

Order Summary Knockout.js how is work?

Hi I am focusing the Order Summary on my shopping cart, I found below file /magento/module-checkout/view/frontend/web/template/summary/item/details.html Inside above, there has a line of code, how does below works to grab the value? <span class=”label”><!– ko i18n: ‘Qty’ –><!– /ko –></span> where should I start to check the code which generate qty of the items in […]


Reverse array list dynamically

I have an array list in column A (starting in A2) using: {=IFERROR(INDEX(MonthSpend,MATCH(0,COUNTIF($A$1,A1,MonthSpend),0)),””}` Where MonthSpend is a named range from a table on a separate sheet. I have copied the formula down to A300, but inserted blanks in a number of rows. From the picture you will see that I have each month showing up […]