CMS Development Wordpress

Adjust the results quantity for Search Results page pagination

I’m trying to override the number of posts to show on pagination for my search.php template, to be 16 vs 4. In the Reading settings on the back end, it is set to 4, which is desired because my front page uses the same code to display the 4 most recent posts. Is there a […]

Development Linux

KDE is not saving a mime-type file association

I’m running Arch Linux and KDE and I am exploring how mime-types are behaving (and misbehaving) on my system. Consider this mime-type file association. The following console output shows that I have the mime-type xml definition file and there is an association between .pub files and the mime-type application/ $ xdg-mime query filetype ~/.ssh/ application/ […]

CMS Development Magento

Order Summary Knockout.js how is work?

Hi I am focusing the Order Summary on my shopping cart, I found below file /magento/module-checkout/view/frontend/web/template/summary/item/details.html Inside above, there has a line of code, how does below works to grab the value? <span class=”label”><!– ko i18n: ‘Qty’ –><!– /ko –></span> where should I start to check the code which generate qty of the items in […]


Reverse array list dynamically

I have an array list in column A (starting in A2) using: {=IFERROR(INDEX(MonthSpend,MATCH(0,COUNTIF($A$1,A1,MonthSpend),0)),””}` Where MonthSpend is a named range from a table on a separate sheet. I have copied the formula down to A300, but inserted blanks in a number of rows. From the picture you will see that I have each month showing up […]