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No X11 RandR providers in wayland

After upgrade to 19.10 there’s no RandR providers in my wayland session (Ubuntu on Wayland). In X11 session everything is fine. $ xrandr –listproviders Providers: number : 0 Here’s some info about my system: $ gnome-shell –version GNOME Shell 3.34.1 $ apt-cache show xwayland | grep ^Version: Version: 2:1.20.5+git20191008-0ubuntu1 $ xrandr Screen 0: minimum 16 […]

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how to get a list of folders and number files in each folder side by side, in the current directory?

I am at the directory: /home/john/my_test_files/ and under the directory there are 100 folders: folder1 folder2 folder3 … folder100 what command would I use to print the list of folders and the each one’s file count side by side. Something like this: folder1 25 folder2 78 folder3 34 … folder100 88 where folder1 has 25 […]