How to connect post_save signal?

I have two post_save signals which were previously working but one is getting skipped for some reason. It seems the first of the two signals is not being called upon creation of the ‘Casino’ instance. @receiver(post_save, sender=Casino) def create_profile(sender, instance, created, **kwargs): “””Creates casino profile when casino is created.””” if created: CasinoProfile.objects.create(casino=instance) @receiver(post_save, sender=Casino) def […]

Typescript declare type of defined strings or any string

I failed to find information on this elsewhere. I want to create a type that has both defined strings or allows any type of string to be used, but giving auto suggestion for the defined entries. Right now if I add the // | string at the end, it sort of takes over, and doesn’t […]

Development PHP

PHP skips few data from jsonarray

I have a json array from a form saved in the database. I am generating a report from the array.The form has a section for “Do you require the section?” If the user selected “No” to section, I need to skip the section until the end of the section. In the json array, section starts […]

A ‘deep copy’ constructor in C++

I want to build a copy constructor Pair(const Pair& other). This takes as its argument a read-only reference to another Pair. It should set up the newly constructed Pair as a “deep copy”. But I have no idea on how to set up the integers at these new locations, which should be assigned values according […]

write parcelable on enum is crashing the app

This line is dest.writeParcelable(department, flags); causing the app to crash as I parcel the object via the intent. When I comment the line, the app goes through but of course I don’t have the department value. public class User implements Parcelable { public String id; public String name; public String email; public Department department; // […]

Application Insights correlation through Event Grid

I have an application composed of two ASP.NET Core apps, app A and app B. App A makes HTTP calls to App B, and Application Insights automatically correlates this and shows them as a single request. Great! However, I’m now moving to a more event-based system design, where app A publishes an event to an […]

Multiple select fields filtering with jQuery

I try to create simple filtering with JS but I have problem with multiple select fields, they are not cooperate together, and results going crazy (sometimes nothing shows). Everything is good if I use only one select, when I try to add second one, or third one results are not correct or I got blank […]

How do i get the total sum of a 2d array?

How do i get the total sum of a 2D array ? `I’m trying to get the total sum of a 2D array but it doesn’t seem to add all the numbers of the array together. #include <stdio.h> #include “LenaArray.h” int main () { int sum = 0; { int my array[3][3] = 1, 2, […]

Fontawesome icons is not working on vuejs, vuetify

Setting up vuetify by clicking yes for fontawesome 5 trying to add fas fa-*** it’s not works because in main.js the import ‘@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/css/all.css’; is not added so do it manually by adding it and install it by for linux user: sudo npm i fortawesome/fontawesome-free/css/all.css @fortawesome/fontawesome-free. now you can implement the icons from fontawesome! for windows […]

How to concat two CSV files using Pandas when there is no common column

I have 2 CSV files. df1 = pd.DataFrame({‘Employee’: [‘ABC’, ‘XYZ’, ‘DEF’, ‘KLM’], ‘Age’: [25, 32, 38, 40]}) Employee Age 0 ABC 25 1 XYZ 32 2 DEF 38 3 KLM 40 df2 = pd.DataFrame({‘Dept’: [‘IT’]}) Dept 0 IT When i try to do concat using pandas using the following code, df1=pd.read_csv(“file_A”) df2=pd.read_csv(“file_B”) pd.concat([df2,df1]) I am […]