laravel-spark-google2fa Provider class not found after Spark update to v9.0

I recently updated a Laravel/Spark web application to the latest version of Spark (v9.*) via composer. Another package I use is Laravel-Spark-Google2FA which I also updated from v1.* to v2.*. Setup: The laravel-spark-google2fa package has a Laravel service provider class that resides in /project-root/laravel/spark/src/Providers/Google2FAServiceProvider.php In Laravel we specify this in /project-root/laravel/config/app.php with the following line…

Can’t login to API

trying to build my API Auth from scratch and can’t log users in i think the problem is with the token driver but don’t know what exactly it’s. any thoughts what’s wrong ?or what to do ? Auth::guard(‘web’)->login($user); // this line works perfectly Auth::guard(‘api’)->login($user); // this line return an error undefined function login